Strange Adventures in Infinite Space


Space is not only infinite, but very strange


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Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is an intriguing 'roguelike' game where, instead of a turn-based adventure, you will control a spaceship whose mission is to explore as many solar systems as possible in ten years, at the end of which you'll have to return home - that is, if you can survive that long.

Gameplay is quite similar to the more popular, though more recent, FTL (Faster Than Light). In other words: you move your spaceship through while running into all kinds of different things: from commercial bases that will sell you upgrades to enemies of different alien races, not to mention other ships in trouble.

Some of the most intense moments in Strange Adventures in Infinite Space take place during combat. There are times when you can't avoid getting tangled up in an interstellar duel with other ships, and in those moments it's up to you to control your spaceship in real time.

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space is a really fun 'roguelike' game that, precisely because of this aspect, is tremendously re-playable. Each time you begin a new game you'll have a different adventure, with new scenery, new encounters, and many unknown situations.
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